Inspiration 10.0

Organize your ideas visually as diagrams, maps, and text outlines

Inspiration helps you organize your ideas visually as diagrams, maps, and text outlines. Although the application is specifically intended for high-school students, it can also be an aid for professionals who usually need to brainstorm ideas and concepts. The tool can be used for such diverse subject matters as math, physics, biology, and arts.

Inspiration may be somewhat difficult to you use for the first time and its interface could certainly be made more intuitive, attractive and modern, considering its targeted users. However, it is good news that it allows you to start from a template, and luckily, there are a lot of them to choose from. You may be right to argue, though, that a template never gives you what you really need. In such case, you can also start from scratch. A new diagram can be made of various types of objects, including bubbles, geometrical shapes and several kinds of images, which can be connected using arrows. Moreover, you can even create your own templates and save a lot of future work.

Once your ideas are represented as you want them to be, you can easily share them with others. Luckily, the tool supports saving as PDF and PNG, printing, emailing and even uploading to various Cloud services. It also supports transferring them to a word processor document, which is inconveniently done as a single image instead of separate editable objects.

In general, Inspiration can be the right tool for most students. Luckily, it is accompanied by concise and clear documentation, which you could need at first. The product is sold in various versions and different types of licenses, so you should consult the developer’s web page before making a decision.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various templates
  • Template management
  • Extensive artwork library
  • Various sharing options


  • Not easy to use at first
  • Cannot export diagrams to Word as separate objects
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